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As an avid steelhead fisherman , I'm always looking for new products that help to increase my odds for success. Over the past several seasons, "bait buttons" have dramatically helped to increase my number of successful hookups. Bait buttons secure my egg/puffball combination on the shank of hook and minimize downtime readjusting the location of the bait. Cast after cast, this product keeps everything locked in a stable, secure location on the hook. The bottom line- Bait buttons help me catch more steelhead by giving me a consistently better looking steelhead bait that spends more time in the water.

Ted Noel
Steelhead fisherman

17lb steelhead caught with Bait Buttons
I'm a steelhead fisherman. Before, I could never manage to keep my puff ball and bait up high on the hook against the yarn. It would slip down to the curve of the hook after the first cast. It just looked sloppy, not right. Now, with the bait button, it holds the puff ball and bait right up there, without slipping. And it's so easy and quick to use. A great product. Thanks!

Rick Hicks, Sonoma CA

Bait Buttons Rigged Wacky Style
This is a must piece of equipment for any fisherman who uses any stick baits rigged wacky style. My baits last 50% longer allowing me to catch more fish with the same bait which saves me time and money. Bait Buttons work great on many different bass applications when using soft plastics.

Gene Hoxie

I really like using the Bait Buttons, because it allows you to make more casts, without constantly having to slide your Puff Ball or Fish Pill, up the shank of the hook, to keep your bait looking good. It also keeps the hook more exposed for better hook sets. I especially like the Bait Button, when fishing for Steelhead, in the low clear water conditions. It makes it easy to keep your bait real small and the Puff Ball right up tight against the yarn and bait. I would recommend any Steelhead fisherman to use Bait Buttons, THEY REALLY WORK.

Mark Eayrs
Steelhead Fisherman
Fort Jones, CA

Bait Buttons Lets go fishing!
One of the frustrating things about steelhead fishing using puff balls or fish pills is how the small hole made in them by the hook starts to enlarge as they are cast repeatedly. Soon almost every cast results in them slipping down to the bend of the hook. This makes the bait less compact and floats it poorly. You can take it off and repuncture it in another plane, but pretty soon it is useless and has to be replaced. Bait buttons help solve this problem nicely. I have used them now for a couple of seasons during their development and found them to greatly improve my ability to keep the float just where I want it. There is less waisted time, a better looking bait and more fish! It's the little things that help. You can't be too careful and particular about your presentation when you may get only a few bites every day. Lets go fishing!

Steve Nelson
Steelhead Fisherman

Thanks, they really work.
I bought your product at the Puyallup Fair sportsman's show this year and was really intrigued with how they worked. Well here is the proof - these two and two other wild fish were all hooked with a puff ball and EZ eggs while drifting a river on the lower Olympic Peninsula...thanks for making a great product.

Mark Lynn
Metalhead Guide Service

I highly recommend trying this product!
I'm always skeptical about using new products. Especially since I've been guiding for 16 years and have seen a lot of products come and go. My biggest pet peeve while side drifting for steelhead is that the puff ball slips into the bend of the hook, which equals less hookups on the bite. The Bait Button keeps the puff balls stuffed up against the yarn/bait, which keeps the hook and presentation perfect during the drift. Bait Buttons has increased my hookups and landed fish. I highly recommend trying this product! It has become the number one tackle product to have for Carson's Guide Service!

Carson's Guide Service

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